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【火箭社·ClutchFans之声】美国火蜜热议:隆多要来休斯敦了吗? 由 keung_yip 发表在虎扑篮球·火箭专区http://bbs.hupu.com/rockets


A couple Non-Rocket fans texted me that ESPN was reporting Rondo to Houston was a distinct possibility. I have not been able to find this anywhere and was surprised to not see a thread on it.


Anyone else catch what ESPN reported?

My cousin\’s uncle\’s baby momma\’s brother in law told me the same thing.

maybe the source meant a \”distant\” possibility and not distinct.

Unless its about Curry, ESPN really isn\’t a good source for NBA material.


Rondo is done – he would not make this team better, he would make it worse.

Can already imagine the Dwight and Rondo locker room fight

Bottom 10 lower tier starting PG (Rondo) in this league to replace another bottom 10 lower tier starting PG (Bev). LOLOL


I would take literally any other PG in the league over Rondo. ANY point guard.

He actively hurts teams and makes them worse.

Rondo\’s best days are far behind him. His discordant nature far outweighs his current basketball abilities.


At this point I\’ll take any chance we can get. With or without Rondo we\’re not winning a championship with this current squad. Its gambling time.


For the veteran\’s minimum and just a 1 yr deal, i think Morey would do it.

I could see Rondo sign a 2 year 20 mill deal with 2nd year option with the Lakers


If Houston Really wanted Rondo, Dallas would not have traded for him. Morey showed he doesn\’t value Rondo highly enough to give anything worthy away for him. This means Morey won\’t be the frontrunner to sign free agent Rondo either.


only possibility is if he\’s willing to sign for the MLE. i can\’t imagine dallas doing a S&T so we can pay him more. seems highly unlikely.

i would bet on matching beverley and using MLE on llull.



rondos value is as low as it has been which makes it seem like a morey-type move. He had issues with a micromanaging coach and we all know Mchale will let him have his freedom. Could be a low-risk, high reward. His inability to consistently hit the 3 is the biggest issue.


I wouldn\’t mind Rondo, but the entire team and coaching staff would have to be on board. I personally think Rondo wanted to go to Houston. But the feeling wasn\’t mutual between he, Harden, and Howard.


The best coach for Rondo is McHale. A guy who can let him play freely. However, guys like Harden and Howard will demand looks. Don\’t know how that will settle with Rajon..


Let\’s see:

1) Needs the ball in his hands to be at all effective on offense.

2) Attitude/Chemistry Problems.

3) Will command a big salary.

4) Plays arguably the deepest position in the league.

No way. If he were willing to take a small contract and come off the bench, I\’d love to have him playing 20 minutes a game. But I doubt he\’ll accept that.







the free-throw shooting is a big deal.

Could we maybe, just maybe, add a starting quality point guard that hits his freakin\’ free throws? Please?


Highly doubt Morey goes after yet another poor free throw shooter. This team already sucks at free throws, and to have 3 heavy minute players shoot under 60% free the FT line probably isnt the best way to go.


JEEZ!! How many under 50% free throw shooters do you want on this team!?!




I like his game a lot but the Rockets would be Popovichs wet dream at who to pick when purposely hacking someone to put on the free throw line lol.


Unless you know him personally, save the hate…..Rondo was a rocket in a Mavs uniform that series. He has plenty in the tank and J.Smith had a similar knock against him and look how he has won many fans over…Haters will Hate.


Rondo dishes as good as Steve Nash, plays defense like Ron Artest. I\’ll take that anyday and you should too. Josh Smith had an attitude in Detroit, came to Houston and was put on check. Same will happen with Rondo.


I\’ve always loved Rondo. But him coming here is a gift & possible curse. The main thing is attitude. We know Rondo don\’t take no crap. But Dwight & James are 2 of the most sensitive guys when it comes to criticism. I can see Rondo barking at Harden for a turnover, then James getting upset.


I think Rondo could be controlled by Smith to a certain extent, but he is just an awful fit. Personality clash, spacing problems, more FT ineptitude. Just…no. I will gladly run with Bev & a back FA signing over Rondo.


Sounds like a Trojan horse from Cuban to me…..


He might have been our MvP in the Dallas series…


Other than Rondo\’s inability to shoot, he\’s definitely does everything well. Everybody on the team, ESPECIALLY Dwight would benefit from Rondo. But his attitude is a HUGE question mark along with his inability to hit open shots. But he\’ll be cheap and motivated to destroy Dallas every time we play them


\”One man\’s trash is another man\’s treasure\”

Who knows rondo may fit in our system. ill take a one deal rental

Funny how so many people talk about Rondo as if they actually know the guy. Try to find tape of the interactions between Rondo,Dwight and James before and after games that they play against each other. Should shut up the chemistry and lockerroom cancer narratives pretty quick at least for this team. I welcome a guy who\’s going to be vocal and hold his teammates accountable.







If he didn\’t have the personality issues It would be worth a try…

But he does. Clashed with the Mavericks of all teams. I don\’t like the Mavericks, but I can admit they are a well run organization.

One thing though is I doubt he\’d clash with Mchale. Since it\’s not like McHale is lording over the players and demanding them to call this or that Play. Rondo would come here and do what he wants on offense which plays to his playing style. The main thing here is would Harden defer to Rondo being the main playmaker or not.

I think that in a perfect scenario Rondo is more than happy to give Harden tons of points as long as he\’s getting his assist which is all he cares about any ways.

In the end, as a last option it could be a huge hit or huge miss. I think at the very least he\’d love to stick it to the Mavericks.

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